Virtual Reality

We believe in the power of Virtual Reality

High Definition 360 Video Filming

From scripting and storyboarding to innovative 360-degree cameras, sound and rigging we work with you to capture immersive high definition Virtual Reality content your audiences can truly engage with, bringing them closer than ever to your brand, products or services.

VR Production, Effects and Animation

Once the 360-degree footage is captured our team of production editing and animation specialists go to work turning it into one seamless environment, capable of being viewed from any angle. We can add any logos, artwork or animations required to bring your footage to life, tell your story and connect it to your brand.

Screening & Amplification

Whether you want your 360-degree Virtual Reality video to be consumed online or in person at an event, our strategy team work to ensure your videos have the ultimate reach and connectivity. We produce 360-degree content optimized for display in headsets, as well as on mobile, tablet and web applications.

Augmented Reality

Our specialist Augmented Reality team develop AR applications for headsets or mobile applications from design and setup to animation and programming. Applications can include 2D or 3D animations, games, video and web content which interact with the real world through the smart phone camera or headset.