Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Activations

VR and AR technologies enable users to immerse themselves in stories, engage in new experiences and interact with media in exciting new ways.  Marketing and Advertising has been at the forefront of developing new ways to apply VR and AR technology to connect with consumers.  One area that has seen huge growth using VR and AR is Live Events and Activations.  At Catalyst we’ve developed our own interactive VR and AR platforms and created content specifically for these campaigns to maximise the user experience.


Moët Hennessy creates immersive Virtual Reality Experience for Ardbeg Whisky

Catalyst VR produced, installed and operated a range of different VR Stations for Ardbeg as part of the campaign. Activations ranged from a whisky masterclass in a converted inner Sydney warehouse to tasting events with key consumers in Sydney and Melbourne. The Campaign culminated in Ardbeg Day 2017 with a Virtual Reality Station setup inside...

TAB Breaks new ground with innovative VR Horse Racing Activation

Saddle Up With TAB was specifically developed to immerse participants in some of Australia’s most famous races as if they were actually a jockey in the race. Riding on or against champion horses including Criterion, Chautauqua and Winx Saddle Up With TAB was a truly immersive experience unlike anything Australian racegoers have experienced...

The Sydney Sixers innovative Virtual Reality campaign for the Big Bash League

The Sydney Sixers were one of the first sporting teams in Australia to tap into Virtual Reality to increase fan engagement with Catalyst working with the Sixers to launch their 360 Degree Match Day Experience last season. After creating a series of 360 video experiences for the team, which were posted to their social channels, they saw a huge...

Taste of Melbourne’s Innovative Culinary Virtual Reality Experience

The Taste of Melbourne festival broke new ground in event marketing with an innovative, multi-sensory virtual reality activation giving visitors the chance to experience award winning chef Shaun Quade’s unique approach to his restaurant, Lûmé. Catalyst developed the Virtual Reality content in collaboration with IMG. Filming took place on-site...

The VR Station, developed by Catalyst VR specifically for Live Events and Activations

Catalyst VR’s Virtual Reality Station combines the latest VR technology, a specially developed content management system to guide viewers through VR experiences, data collection and a VR content sharing platform.  Developed to give participants the chance to immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences, the VR Station enables users to experience the full excitement and power of Virtual Reality technology.  For VR content producers (Brands, Sporting Teams, Agencies, Businesses) it is the opportunity to increase the reach and engagement of their VR content with an interactive, memorable experience.

The latest VR Technology and Headsets

The Catalyst VR Station gives participants the chance to immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences with the most advanced VR Technology. Using the latest hardware and software users are immediately immersed into virtual reality, as soon as the headset fits over their eyes users are taken to another place, time or new experience as if they were actually there. Users can look where they would like and explore the virtual environments in full 360 degrees.

VR Content Management System

To ensure maximum participation and manage large crowds at major events the Catalyst VR Station has been developed with a VR Content Management System. The system allows trained operators to control what the user is seeing and assist users through the VR experience. This ensures that particpants spend more time emersed in the content and that more people can participate.

The VR Station can play any VR or 360 video content. The team at Catalyst VR able to create specific VR content for use with the VR station, alternatively they can modify existing VR content including adding new graphics, effects or editing the duration for use with the VR Station.

Data Collection

As part of the VR Station experience opt-in user data can be collected for clients to continue communications with participants and share more content with them. The data collection application also helps manage guest queuing as they wait for their turn in the VR Station. With a huge focus on data collection for marketing and advertising the Catalyst VR Station provides a genuine, meaningful way for brands to connect with consumers.

Virtual Reality Content Sharing

When participating in the VR Station participants receive an email including the 360 video. This allows participants to replay the VR experience on their smart phones (IOS or Android). This also allows particpants to quickly and easily share the VR content with family and friends via email or on Social Media. Which a huge appetite for 360 videos this feature of the VR Station enables Clients to increase the reach an engagement that their 360 videos receive.

Participants receive a custom branded email which clients can customise with their own logos, colours and messages. Clients can include additional marketing and promotional messages in this email with an open rate much higher than industry averages.

Activation and Set-up

The VR Station has been developed to ensure participants fully appreciate VR content. The Catalyst VR team are experts with VR technology and are trained to ensure participants have the best possible experience. The team setup, test and run the VR Station including giving participants that have never worn a VR headset a quick introduction so they are comfortable with the technology.

Big Screen Display

The Catalyst VR Station is an extremely popular, social activation which appeals to groups of family and friends, this is one reason additional monitors mirroring what the participant is seeing are used so that others can follow along – and understand their reactions! The other reason additional monitors are used is to increase visibly and awareness for clients, in some cases literally hundreds of people will walk past and check out the VR Station giving clients a great branding opportunity.

Branding and Customisation

Catalyst VR’s Station is designed to be integrated into any brand, sponsor or corporate event. A full suite of branding and signage options are available to maximise visibility and engagement for clients. Catalyst VR’s system can be used as a stand-alone station with all the VR technology built into the VR Station. Alternatively, the Catalyst VR Team can work with a client to develop a custom solution that incorporates the necessary VR hardware into an activation space.

FAQs Catalyst VR Station

Where can a Catalyst VR Station be used?

The Catalyst VR Station is extremely powerful technology with advanced computer processing to deliver best in class VR experiences, however the system has been developed to be operated at any event. The Catalyst VR Team work with event organisers to ensure the necessary power, protection from the weather, bump in and setup requirements.

Why use the Catalyst VR Station?

Virtual Reality is currently one of the most exciting, new technologies with many people claiming the technology has finally caught up with our Sci-Fi dreams. VR is generating a huge amount of interested in the media with all the major technology and software companies making new announcements about VR on almost a daily basis. For the general public VR is an extremely interesting technology with the potential to influence everything from entertainment to education, business to healthcare. Yet for many people they still haven’t experienced wearing a VR headset and viewing VR content in full HD – the VR Station gives the public a chance experience state of the art VR technology, potentially for the first time.

VR is a new media that is more immersive and engaging than anything we have experienced before. The technology allows us to feel as if we are actually there, able to look where we would like. With VR people aren’t just watching a film or video they become part of an experience. For brands, sporting teams and businesses it is the chance to engage viewers like never before, it is the chance to completely engage someone in your story, make them fell part of the experience and explore the content in their own way – this is why VR is so powerful. The VR Station enables content producers to increase the reach of their VR content and ensure that people experience the best possible VR experience.

What VR Content can be used with the VR Station?

The Catalyst VR Station can play any VR or 360 video content in full HD.

The team at Catalyst VR able to create specific VR content for use with the VR station, alternatively they can modify existing VR content including adding new graphics, effects or editing the duration for use with the VR Station.

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